Power Grid League - Spring 2013

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Player Win Place Show Played
Matt Murbach 6 1 0 7
David Corbin 4 2 1 7
Shaunnon Drake 2 2 1 5
Will Bowen 1 1 3 5
John Jorgensen 1 1 0 6
Michael Weston 1 1 0 5
Patrick Dillon 0 5 1 7
Jared Charboneau 0 1 3 5
Misty Tyner 0 0 3 5


1.21 Gigawatts David Corbin 119 total game end network capacity
Another Man's Treasure John Jorgensen 10 garbage-fueled power plants built
Brownouts Michael Weston
Misty Tyner
60 total game end network capacity
Going Green Jared Charboneau 11 ecological & fusion power plants built
Rich Uncle Pennybags Matt Murbach 376 total game end Elektro
Shooting the Moon Matt Murbach Won by 1 city
The C. Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence Jared Charboneau 9 nuclear-fueled power plants built
The Hare Shaunnon Drake 4 times triggered the beginning of Step 2
Your Local Power Company Shaunnon Drake 13 cities without another player's presence


April 22, 2013: United States

Player Powered Elektro Player Powered Elektro
Matt Murbach 15 25 Will Bowen 18 40
Shaunnon Drake 13 88 Rory Danner 18 24
Misty Tyner 13 25 Jared Charboneau 15 56
Michael Weston 11 180 John Jorgensen 14 5

Bye: David Corbin

May 6, 2013: France

Player Powered Elektro Player Powered Elektro
Shaunnon Drake 17 62 Matt Murbach 15 40
David Corbin 17 6 Rory Danner 15 12
Will Bowen 15 85 Misty Tyner 15 10
Michael Weston 13 42 John Jorgensen 14 2

Bye: Jared Charboneau

May 20, 2013: China

Player Powered Elektro Player Powered Elektro
David Corbin 18 10 Michael Weston 16 38
Dave Leach 17 69 Shaunnon Drake 16 14
Matt Murbach 17 54 Rory Danner 15 19
Jared Charboneau 15 12 John Jorgensen 12 21

Bye: Will Bowen
Absent: Misty Tyner

June 3, 2013: Northern Europe

Player Powered Elektro Player Powered Elektro
David Corbin 17 6 Matt Murbach 17 45
Patrick Dillon 16 13 Will Bowen 16 12
John Jorgensen 16 10 Shaunnon Drake 15 58
Misty Tyner 14 78 Jared Charboneau 14 74

Bye: Rory Danner
Absent: Michael Weston

June 17, 2013: Korea

Player Powered Elektro Player Powered Elektro
Matt Murbach 17 96 John Jorgensen 17 86
Michael Weston 17 38 Jared Charboneau 17 39
Will Bowen 17 14 David Corbin 17 35
Patrick Dillon 15 8 Shaunnon Drake 17 17

Bye: Misty Tyner
Patrick Dillon took over for Rory Danner

July 1, 2013: Japan

Player Powered Elektro Player Powered Elektro
Shaunnon Drake 16 15 Matt Murbach 16 74
Patrick Dillon 16 6 David Corbin 15 8
Jared Charboneau 16 3 Will Bowen 13 18
Misty Tyner 14 18 John Jorgensen 7 35

Bye: Michael Weston

July 15, 2013: Italy with New Power Plants

Player Powered Elektro
Matt Murbach 16 42
David Corbin 16 19
Patrick Dillon 15 90

Bye: Shaunnon Drake
Absent: Jared Charboneau, John Jorgensen, Michael Weston, Misty Tyner, Will Bowen
Due to the number of absent players, David, Matt, and Patrick played a three player game among themselves. Matt and David are awarded first place finishes and Patrick a second place finish in the tournament according to their originally scheduled matchups.

July 29, 2013: United Kingdom & Ireland with New Power Plants

Player Powered Elektro
David Corbin 12 95
Patrick Dillon 12 6

Bye: Matt Murbach
Absent: Jared Charboneau, John Jorgensen, Michael Weston, Misty Tyner, Shaunnon Drake, Will Bowen
Due to the number of absent players, David and Patrick played a two player game using the Robots expansion.

August 12, 2013: Russia

Player Powered Elektro Player Powered Elektro
David Corbin Jared Charboneau
Matt Murbach Michael Weston
Patrick Dillon Misty Tyner
Shaunnon Drake Will Bowen

Bye: John Jorgensen



The 2013 Atlanta Spring Power Grid League will consist of eight sessions of play, held on alternate Monday nights beginning April 22 and ending July 29.


The cost to participate is $10 per player at the league's start, plus $1 per player per session paid at the time of play, for a total of $18.


The grand prize is one Well Played gift certificate in the amount of $5 per registered and paid league player. Additional prizes may be awarded at the commissioner's discretion.


The league will be structured as a round-robin tournament.

Ideally each game session will consist only of four player games. In practice three and five player games will be created to accommodate the number of attending players and the number of available game sets.

The player with the best overall record at the conclusion of the last week of play will be the league champion. The best overall record is the one with the most first place finishes. If more than one player has the same number of first place finishes, second place finishes, third place finishes, total game end cities powered, and total game end Elektro will be compared, in order, to determine the winner. If more than one player is still tied after all these comparisons, those tied competitors will play an additional game of Power Grid and the grand prize will be awarded to the winner.

All currently available Power Grid sets and gameboards will be eligible for use throughout the league.


In the event that a player cannot be present for a weekly game, a substitute player may be designated. Once a substitute begins play, the replaced player may not participate in any games during any of that day's Ultimate Board Gaming League sessions. A registered league participant may not serve as a substitute for another player in the same league.

Fair play

Games will be played in accordance with the rules of each individual Power Grid game.

Schedule of play

Any player that does not begin play in a league game before 7:30 PM shall forfeit the session's match and be counted absent. If a game cannot be completed before the competition venue closes, the game will be considered interrupted. Tickets and end game bonuses will be scored as normal and the player in the lead shall be designated winner. Slow play with the intent of causing the match to fail to complete will be deemed unsportsmanlike conduct and will result in the offending player forfeiting the session's match.


The commissioner of the 2013 Atlanta Spring Power Grid League is Dave Leach. The league commissioner reserves the right to enter the league as a player and compete for the league's prize. Should any conflicts arise between the commissioner and a player during the course of normal play, preference in adjudication will be given to the player. The above notwithstanding, the decisions of the league commissioner are final.